Steamrolling to the End – #NANWRIMO Day 29

I began this day with 18,000 words to go.  I had decided I was done for this year.  I had accepted it.  I had made my peace.  I mean, 32K isn’t bad.  Its definitely further than I’ve ever gotten before.  I rested most of the day, relaxed after the holiday festivities.  It felt good to just do… nothing.

But then something started happening.  Some niggling feeling.  Some voice in my head, relentless.  Are you really not going to finish?  You still have time.  You write fast.  You can do it.  You can bang it out.  Just do it.  I tried to ignore those voices.  I took a nap.  Watched a documentary.  Made dinner.  Went to drop some donations at Goodwill.

Then came home and the voices started again.  Just do it.  You’re a boss.  Think of how amazing you will feel.  Are you really going to let your husband win and you not win with him?  [btw, Aaron has already completed his 50k word count YAY!!!!!].

Anyway, I picked up the laptop and started to write.  I reminded myself it doesn’t have to be good.  Fix it in post.  So in the past two hours, I finished 4k.  That’s pretty awesome.

So I’m on a writing role.  Before I dive back in, I thought I would post an excerpt of the crap I’m writing — the crap that I will polish into diamonds in the revision.  🙂  Ignore the probs please — I will fix.  No time to fix right now.

Send me your good thoughts… I need them.

Heading back into the zone.

*****McKendrick Saga NANOWRIMO Excerpt Day 29 ***

Jo remembered a time when she and Jared had been playing in the kitchens. They did have a cook, Mother had insisted on it, and the cook had been making Chritstmas cakes all day long – for the holiday. Jared was ten and Jo was five – and like all young children they had been in the kitchens sneaking cakes whenever Cooky wasn’t looking.

“Now you’s children get yoselves out of this here kitchen!” Cooky had said, snapping a towel at the two of them. They both just giggle and chased each other around the kitchen table. Unfortunately things had gotten out of hand and as Jo had raced around the table to catch Jared, she had gotten frustrated. Noting the massive bowl of flour in the center of the table, she had on impulse, grabbed it, thrust her hand into the powdery substance to grab a handful, and had thrown it at Jared. The stuff just whipped through the air floating in powdery waterfalls , catching the light, getting everywhere – everywhere save her target – Jared. She grabbed another and another and another – throwing each with childish abandon, and glee. Cooky started squealing loudly over the mess Jolene was making, but Jared and Jo just kept laughing, Jared dodging every throw.

“Stop! Stop this instant you hellions!! Stop I say!”

Jo had expected the voice to belong to Cooky, but it didn’t. No, she recognized that shrill voice, and the maniacal tone too. Both Jared and Jo froze instantly.

“Just what do you think you are doing in here? How do you come to be in here ruckusing about like common street urchins!!! This is your doing isn’t it?!@” Her eagle eyes and landed upon Jared with a predatory intensity.

Jo immediately interjected, “No mother – I started it. I saw the flour and I couldn’t resist. I was trying to hit him with it.”

Charity’s gaze never wavered. Jared just looked at Charity with wide eyes, like a deer or a rabbit facing down a hungry wolf.

“I – I – I – did—didn’t “ he stammered. He was only ten, and Charity could be terrifying. Especially to a ten year old.

Cooky interjected then. “Ma’am, if I may, Miss Jolene has the right of it. She began the kerfuffle, by throwing the flour—“

“Be silent girl!” Charity raged. Her arm snaked out landing in a vise grip on Jared’s ear, jerking him viciously upward. He yelped and stood on his tip toes to allieviate some of the pain.

“But mother, It was me – I promise. Jared was only trying to get away!” Jo pleaded. She ran over to the two of them, and began tugging on her mother’s arm, trying to dislodge it from her brother’s ear. But she only succeeded in pulling her arm down to her miniature level, Jared’s head following suit. He was bent over at the middle now, but Charity paid no mind to Jolene or Jared. With her vise grip as intractable as ever, she began marching Jared out of the kitchen through the back door to the yard where she kept the birch switches.

“No no! Mother!” Jolene continued to hang on, her toes shuffling, dragging through the dirt.

“Ow, ow, ow,” Jared was howling as the three tangled along.

“Jolene, get to your room, I’ll deal with you later. Right now, your brother has a well deserved switching coming!”

“But—I – d-d-didn’t do anything!” Jared protested again between howls.

Finally Charity let go of his ear, thrust Jolene away and grabbed the bundle of birch switches leaning against the clapboards of the house. Jolene landed hard on her bottom on the dirt, and winced. Her tailbone had taken a direct hit.

Now Charity had a hold of Jared’s upper arm with her left hand, and the bundle of switches in her right hand. She was going to town, as father liked to say, those switches thwack thwack thwacking across poor Jared’s tender bottom. He only had light muslin breeches on, and Jolene could only image how his bottom was singing under the assault. She started to scramble to her feet again. She could hear the violent swishing as the branches sliced through the air, then landed hard on her brother. She could feel the force of the wind toss her hair as she approached. Her brother’s howls could probably be heard all the way to the Wilke’s farm in the next county! She ran for her mother again and grabbed on to her arm mid swing. But Jolene was just a little slip of a girl – always small for her age. And a five year old has nothing on a grown woman. The force of Charity’s arm continued to come down hard, advancing toward Jared’ backside yet again. But the hesitation, the obstacle of Jolene latching onto Charity’s arm had distracted her just enough, slowed her down just enough so that Jared had a chance to wrench his way free from the onslaught. He wiggled and squirm while Charity’s attention was on the little hellion attached to her arm. He had no sooner wrenched free of her grasp that he took off at break neck pace for the stables, where he knew his father would be working with the horses. As soon as Jolene saw that Jared was free, she let go of Charity’s swinging arm and followed Jared out of the yard. She could hear her mother screaming bloody murder all the way to the stables, but she knew her mother would not follow. Despite the vim and vigor displayed by Charity’s beating, Charity didn’t have much energy. Father said it was the result of Jolene’s difficult birth. Jolene had always felt guilty about that, like her mother’s weak constitution was somehow her fault. But for once she was glad of it. She knew her mother wouldn’t chase them.


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