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NO, this is not a post about Disney. You’ll have to visit my Disney Photography page for that (shameless plug). This post is about the newly released Interstellar by Christopher Nolan. I have been tracking this movie for some time and have been greatly anticipating its arrival. It seems like there are 2 types of Chris Nolan fans – Love him or Hate him. I would be in the former. I have like his style of story telling since Momento. I was BLOWN away by Inception, The Dark Knight has been one of my favorite movies for a LONG time (and not just because of Heath’s performance – though that was a HUGE part of it).

I wasn’t super keen on the casting but that was not enough to get in the way of my enjoyment. It had some of my favorite actors (McConaughey, Hathaway, Chastain, and even the suprise…

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