NaNoWriMo-ing like a Boss…

Well so far I have to say this is my most successful nanowrimo participation ever.  I’m at around 9600 words as of day 4, and I’m feeling pretty good about that total.  To top it all off I finished my short horror story after nov 1 — so that word count (that’s not getting counted) at least gets added to my own mental total.  I’ve written a lot!

It’s coming easier than last year that’s for sure.  Some of the stuff I’ve written I really like.  Other stuff is just meh.  I think instead of posting all of what I wrote for a particular day, I’ll just post something I liked from that particular session of writing.

So, with that in mind, here’s something I kind of liked from today’s writing session:

Jo allowed herself to be led to what felt like her doom.  She could think of nothing more inconvenient, more uncomfortable, more boring than having to stand on a pedestal for an hour (at least) while she was poked, prodded, and pinned.  It was bad enough she had been here two years ago.  Surely more time needed to pass before a busy girl like herself need be subjected to such torture again.  As Ms. Dorthea said, her measurements hadn’t even changed.  What a waste of money, and more importantly Jo’s time – time that would be better spent trying to figure out what her sneaky brother Jared was up to.  And, he was up to something, she knew it.  He never kept secrets from her, never.  But he was keeping secrets now, and Jo was determined to find out why.

“Just head in there and remove your garments if you please.” Dorthea gestured to a small area behind a changing screen.  Jo looked at the little space the way a kitten looks at a tub of water.

“Go on then!” said Charity, impatient with Jo’s attitude.  Lu stepped in amiably, “Don’t worry Mrs. McKendrick, I’ll help her.”

Lu shoved Jo ahead of her into the changing area while Charity left with Dorthea to discuss fabrics.  Truthfully Jo was grateful to have a moment’s respite from her mother.  Lu made fast work of Jo’s clothing, leaving Jo only in her shift and pantaloons.  Abandoning all decorum, Jo flung herself down on the small settee in the main fitting room, and lay there watching Lu as she admired herself in the mirror.  Lu had grabbed a ribbon from a pile on the counter and was proceeding to tie it fashionably around her neck.

“How does it look?” Lu said, meeting Jo’s gaze in the mirror.

Jo just rolled her eyes and harrumphed.

“I don’t know why you hate this so much, I love to get new things,” Jo said, reaching for another ribbon.

“I just don’t see the point.  I have plenty of fine dresses, why do I need more?”  Jo said, annoyed.

“It’s not about needing things Jo, it’s about new things —pretty things.”  Lu answered.

“Bah,” Jo said. “What do I care about pretty?  Pretty is pretty useless as far as I can tell. Just something to get dirty, torn, or otherwise ruined when you’re actually doing useful things.”

“What, like gambling on a horse race?” Lu asked crossly.

Jo just smiled, unperturbed.

“More like escaping from a bunch of mad Irishmen.”

Dorthea returned then, several fabrics flung over her shoulder.  Charity was not far behind.

“What’s this you say about mad Irishmen?” Charity said irritably.  Jolene didn’t have time to respond before Dorthea was upon her.

“Up, up, up!” Dorthea said, clapping her hands eagerly and gesturing at the fitting pedestal.

Jo stepped grudgingly onto the pedestal in the center of the fitting room.  She found herself face to face with three mirrored versions staring back at her from the gigantic tri-paneled mirror.  She had a fleeting thought of the last time she’d faced her reflection, all covered in mud and grinning like a fool.  The corners of her mouth quirked up slightly.

“That’s better,” Charity said, mistaking Jo’s smile. “It’s nice to see that you are finally embracing this experience.”


9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo-ing like a Boss…

  1. Great motivation and insight. Great job on the word count. I got stuck in perfectionism last night and today and got ZERO written. But I learned my last two tries not to give up. My highest count in a day so far has been 2800 but I know with just the right push I could catch up again. Besides – December is a month of possibilities too. Thanks for following and keep going (with the great blogging too). Ciao.

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