This was so helpful for me to read. Maybe it will benefit some of my fellow Wrimos out there! Enjoy 🙂

Hollow Pages

NaNoWriMo is underway, and even though it’s only been about four days, I’m already having trouble keeping up! I’m absolutely determine to get through my first year participating in NaNoWriMo- no matter what. I know that I need constant motivation in order to write, even when I’m totally excited about what I’m writing, because I’m still afraid to make mistakes or deal with the failure of not succeeding. I’m an avid Pinterest-er (guilty pleasure), and I happened upon a “Writer’s Manifesto” written by a fellow author- Natasha Lester.

(I know the picture might be a little small, bear with me.) I wanted to go through it anyway and explain what it means to me (since this is a blog and all). So here we go.

1) Writing is your most treasured appointment.

Natasha Lester advises us to get away from technology and really set time aside to write. I…

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